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About Laongvivah

About Laongvivah,

I live in Northeast of Thailand in the city Roi-et, and started my atelier in 2009 / 2552 in our home, very fast was this not big enough. We build a separate atelier where we could work with our co-workers and have also our sales from there. I realized that it was not a perfect solution we build a shop for sales and stock. About our products. Girl Pageant – Drum-major Dresses Our stunning girls’ pageant, drum - major dresses and gowns have been big winners at regional and state pageants, schools and sports days. These high-quality dresses come in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and colors, so it’s easy to find the one you need for your princess’ special occasion. Your princess is sure to shine in this more mature pageant gown or drum-major dress! The heavily beaded bodice and lace- up back creates just the right touch of glam and glitter the dress needs. Don't miss the dazzling beaded shoulder straps as well! At Laongvivah, our kids’ pageant and drum-major dresses are available in dozens of designs, including a variety of tulle dresses, sleeveless dresses, organza skirts, Cinderella dresses, and more. Also for boys and grown up. Check out the catalog on our website And we make on your request. Thai and Euro wedding Dresses men and women

A growing assortment.


We have sold out all the dresses we had and we are busy to make a brand new collection if you can’t find it let us know. Look frequently on our website and Facebook Delivering We deliver worldwide by EMS, UPS, DHL, Air Cargo. Service and quality are very important things for us.

I hope to meet you soon.

Kindest regards La-ong

Oct 9

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Measure your size

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LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESS, Drum major dress offers the best in little girl pageant dresses and Glitz dresses. This collection offers pure elegance across a variety of styles. The walk across the stage in a LAONGVIVAH dress will stun the crowd. Whether it's the party or the pageant, you'll make a memorable entrance when you're wearing LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESSES.

Interview questions take a lot of practice. What is a cause that matters to you? What do you care about in your community? What is your point of view on an issue? It is a meaningful process every pageant competitor has to go through. You have to worry about that, talent, and the pageant wardrobe you'll wear while doing it all. LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESSES are always refined. These pageant dresses. Glitz dress is designed to fit perfectly, work as hard as you do, and visually wow your audience. The judges are looking for a girl who knows herself. Her personality has to shine through all she does and says. Having a dress that expresses who she is very important to the judges. With so many different styles, LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESSES has it covered. Whatever your personality, our dresses are designed to offer the ability to express it. Judges look for the ability to express who you are. The way a pageant contestant wears the dress, how she moves in it, matters as much as the dress itself.


Pretty prints and sparkle beaded bodices add pops of fun to this collection. Unique elements this season include new beading patterns, long sleeves and lace, mermaid underskirts, and more. So, which GIRL PAGEANT DRESS, Glitz dress is the right look? The best pageant dress. Glitz dress is the dress that makes you feel like a winner. If you feel like a winner, the judges will see you as a winner. In a LAONGVIVAH pageant dresses and glitzy dresses, you will walk with the confidence of a winner.


One of the benefits of competing in pageants is that it builds confidence. Performing in front of an audience you also have to speak in front of can be scary, but pageants can make that feel thrilling. Pageants are about looking your best because you're striving to be the best you can be overall. LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESS is there to achieve your best look for your most important stage. Competing in pageants opens doors to so many opportunities and LAONGVIVAH GIRL PAGEANT DRESS are here to help you achieve those dreams.